Early Morning Gym!

Early Morning Gym will start tomorrow (Tuesday) September 12th.  Mr. Starzomski will be meet students at the front door at 8am and have the gym open until 830am.

Come in and enjoy the best start to your day, with Physical Activity! (proper gym gear please!)

Athletics Update!

Girls Soccer Tryouts with be Thursday and Friday 3:45-5pm on the St Agnes back field.

Boys Soccer Tryouts will be Thursday and Friday 3:45-5pm on the Westmount Field.

Touch Football Tryouts have already begun.

Thank you to staff and community coaching volunteers!!


So, you want to be a coach? Look no further! St. Agnes Junior High welcomes your talent!

If you’re interested in coaching, please contact Mr. Starzomski.


Visit the HRSB athletics website for up-to-date information on junior high athletics.