Notice of yearbook delivery.

Yearbooks are scheduled to be shipped September 25.  Please stay tuned for the date that it will be available for students to receive.  There are still some books available for purchase at $35.00.  Please see Mrs. Margeson

We took the pledge!

Staff and students at St. Agnes Junior High pledged to get involved and stand up against bullying!

          Our Pledge:

Everyday I have an obligation,

No longer will I be silent if you need help.

Silence is participation;

I refuse to participate in the problem.

We’re all different, but we all deserve respect.

If you need help, come to me.

If I think you need help, I’m getting involved.

I’ve got your back!​

Thanks to our friends at Best Buy for taking our picture today!


It’s that time of year again!

Parent Teacher Association Fundraiser

It’s the St. Agnes vegetable box fundraiser!

Each box costs $30 (cheques made out to St. Agnes Junior High).

Box pickup is October 4th.

Box contains fresh local vegetables (some variations may occur based on availability)

Please send money to Ms. Harrison at the main office by Sept 29, 2017. Any questions, please contact

Early Morning Gym!

Early Morning Gym will start tomorrow (Tuesday) September 12th.  Mr. Starzomski will be meet students at the front door at 8am and have the gym open until 830am.

Come in and enjoy the best start to your day, with Physical Activity! (proper gym gear please!)